Virtual HR Director Workshop, Miller Byrne & Working Mindset


Barry Byrne - Director, HR Recruitment

Virtual HR Director Workshop

Our HR Practice is delighted to be collaborating with Working Mindset, a highly experienced team of Clinical Psychologists who provide mental health consultancy services, to host a range of virtual HR Director workshops during September 2021.

Barry Byrne will be joined in conversation by Dr. Lucy Shoolbred and Dr. Rebecca Holt alongside HR leaders spanning the Investment Management, Legal Services, Aviation, Real Estate, Insurance and Management Consulting sectors.

As management teams begin to welcome employees back to the office and transition to hybrid working models, we will be exploring organisational readiness from a mental health perspective. This will include the development of strategies, risk assessment considerations and gaining deeper clinical insight from Clinical Psychologists who, prior to consulting, spent many years in a clinical setting across the NHS. We will also explore how mental health issues have specifically manifested themselves in under-represented minority groups and what impact this has had on individuals and families.

We have recently witnessed large corporates such as Nike and LinkedIn offer head office staff a week off in advance of returning to work in Autumn. Mike Marazzo, Head of insights at Nike, advised staff allocated the additional holiday ‘Do not work, the past year has been rough and you have been living through a traumatic event, in a year or two unlike any other, taking time for rest and recovery is key to performing well and staying sane’

I look forward to facilitating the onward conversation on mental health and if you would like further information on joining our HR Workshops, please contact Barry Byrne for further information and joining instructions –

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