Influencing and succeeding across a Matrix


Barry Byrne - Director, HR Recruitment

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With over 50% of global corporate structures aligned to a matrix model, it is vital that HR generalists and specialists develop the right skills and attributes to succeed and influence across the model. In an increasingly agile and virtual corporate landscape, demonstrating the ability to understand, navigate and influence across a matrix structure is critical for many organisations.

So, whether you are a seasoned HR Business Partner with extensive matrix experience, or a Talent Management specialist transitioning into a matrix model for the first time, it is important to evaluate how effectively you are operating across the structure, or to plan and prepare how you will transition into the organisation and make a strong impact.

The main objective of a matrix organisation is to secure a higher degree of coordination and collaboration than is possible from conventional organisation structures. A highly innovative performance management tool making an impact in a specific function and geography could, in theory, be deployed across several others. The potential rewards of the structure from an HR perspective are significant, as the model seeks to optimise the utilisation of resources and offers operational freedom and flexibility.

With less structure, and in many cases more ambiguity, matrix structures can be hugely challenging to navigate and influence across. Projects typically involve blurred reporting lines and structures, conflicting priorities across a diverse range of functions and geographies where rules can become unclear. To counterbalance this, strong technical knowledge should underpin all activity across the matrix. It is worth pausing and reflecting on some of the following essential skills as you drive projects across the model and make a real impact.

Managing conflict:
Don’t fear conflict – embrace it! And by addressing issues directly with cross functional colleagues and project managers, day-to-day lines of communication will be improved with less ambiguity around goals and objectives.

Influencing others:
With blurred reporting lines, it is critical to be persuasive without authority across a matrix. Underpinning the ability to influence should be a healthy degree of empathy, as cross functional colleagues have a range of different business priorities and challenges.

Leverage technology:
The ability to communicate, report and analyse across a multi digital ecosystem is critical in a matrix. Further developing your tech profile and capability can make a significant difference to clear lines of communication and evaluating project progress.    

Learn from others:
Cross functional collaboration is central to the success of matrix projects and strategic activity. It is therefore critical to listen deeply to cross functional colleagues, understand their challenges and priorities and become interconnected on organisational goals.

Market Update October 2021

Market Update October 2021

October 1, 2021

We are delighted to be celebrating Miller Byrne’s first year anniversary on 1st October 2021. A huge thank you to our client and candidate network and to our trusted suppliers. Both our HR and Marketing practice areas experienced steady growth over the last 12 months, and we remain cautiously optimistic about the year ahead.
Virtual HR Director Workshop, Miller Byrne & Working Mindset

Virtual HR Director Workshop, Miller Byrne & Working Mindset

September 1, 2021

Our HR Practice is delighted to be collaborating with Working Mindset, a highly experienced team of Clinical Psychologists who provide mental health consultancy services, to host a range of virtual HR Director workshops during September 2021.
Leveraging technology to drive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leveraging technology to drive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

April 14, 2021

As organisational DE&I strategies become increasingly high profile and are rightly positioned at the heart of business strategy, many firms are seeking to leverage technology further to identify, attract and retain a vast pool of under-represented talent.
Market update

Market update

March 21, 2021

Launching Miller Byrne last year was the singularly most challenging project we have collectively undertaken as recruiters. We are also pleased to report that it has been the most rewarding project we have undertaken and, as we approach the end of our first business quarter and look forward to the Easter weekend, we wanted to share the following market update with our HR & Marketing networks.

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