Building a culture of communication


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HR and Marketing functions have a strong history of cross functional collaboration, whether it is building a strong brand awareness or collectively defining organisational values. Both functions deploy similar strategies to attract talent and new clients via tech platforms, press releases, awards and social media.

Ownership of internal communication strategies varies across companies and there is a strong case for both Marketing and HR to lead the messaging and set the tone. Marketing has touch points across every interaction a customer has with the organisation, whilst for HR internal communications are the direct link between your people strategy and the intended recipients.

In what remains a complex and competitive market for talent and prospective clients, a successful internal communications strategy can make a huge impact on both the internal and external audience. So how can both functions collaborate further and what are the benefits of building a ‘culture of communication’?

Employer Branding:
Internal communications can serve a much broader role that extends to the employer brand. With direct access to stakeholders at all levels across the organisation, internal communications play a critical role in building the foundations for external messaging. Employee engagement activity can help define organisational culture, business strategy and company values. By sharing data and employee feedback, HR and Marketing teams can work together in further developing the employer brand narrative.

Talent Acquisition & Retention:
Employees are central to internal communications strategies and are often recognised for their contribution to the business. Developing an employee advocacy strategy can play a critical role in brand messaging internally and externally. Happy and highly engaged employees who become brand advocates, assist in celebrating company culture, accomplishments, and values. In a highly competitive market place for talent, both HR and Marketing functions can collaborate closely in improving talent acquisition and employee retention rates.            

Values and Culture:
HR and Marketing should address internal and external goals when communicating company values and culture. Well thought through values that underpin company culture can make a significant impact on an external customer audience and drive how prospective clients and employees view the employer brand. New hires will also explore company values during induction as they begin to interact with new colleagues and connect with company culture.

Through strong collaboration and trust, HR and Marketing functions can work together to define and sell the company value proposition to both the internal and external audience. By leveraging existing internal communication strategies, both functions can work together to build a strong culture of communication.

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